Dirt bike skills clinic

The focus of the group clinics are to teach balance, control and traction - the three most important aspects of riding off road. Once these three factors are in place it is possible to ride smoother, more efficiently and faster! These clinics are limited to 10 riders per day. 

The clinics are flexible according to client’s needs. Some of the skills covered include:

  • Setting up your bike correctly for off road
  • Correct, strong and efficient riding positions
  • Cornering techniques for traction and speed
  • Drills to boost clutch, throttle and brake control as well as balance and timing.
  • Trail obstacles like logs, rocks, ruts and tree roots, 
  • ‘Climbing and descending hills safely and more effectively.

Chris also offers a Level 2 clinic which focuses more on hard enduro riding, including bigger and harder obstacles, bigger hills, looking at racing multi-day events and more. It is mandatory to have completed the initial clinic before attending a Level 2 clinic

These schools are for off road dirt bikes - motocross / enduro / cross country bikes, not dual-purpose / adventure bikes. If you are unsure about which type of course you should do, please contact us.