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Chris Birch Coaching clinics are aimed at improving off road riding skills. Chris focuses on helping his clients get the most out of their riding – whether this is to improve performance and placing in competition, to beat their mates, or simply to get the most enjoyment from the weekend’s riding. Chris has spent his whole life riding and racing motorbikes in many disciplines and has picked up tips, tricks, shortcuts and handy hints that you only get from experience. When you are being coached by Chris, it’s a fantastic opportunity to pick his brains about any riding or bike set up problems you have. 

Canada Clinics 2019

We have some spaces left for our last Canada class this year, an adventure class at RED Mountain,September 26, just before the KTM Canada Rally, to book onto this class, click here

These are our scheduled courses. We are flexible and happy to discuss arranging a course on different dates for you, just ask!

A bit about the courses:

We run several different clinics, split firstly into 'Adventure Clinics' and 'Dirt Bike Clinics'

Adventure Clinics

For the bigger, often called 'dual purpose' bikes. We have three different options available now for the New Zealand clinics (please note the international adventure clinics will be a merged class of Adventure Basics / Learn to Turn, and depending on the group, some of the advanced! This is due to limited time in those areas)

Adventure basics

This includes setting up your bike correctly, correct, strong and balanced riding positions, and using the clutch, throttle and brakes effectively for maximum control. Also covered are things such as packing for an adventure ride, and survival / self rescue techniques. 

Adventure cornering clinic - "Learn to turn"

This is one aspect that we have had many people interested in, and have now developed a separate session so that riders can really have the best chance to nail this skill down. Bering able to corner well can make a vast difference to your traction and speed! 

Advanced adventure clinic

This is for those that are really wanting to take their bikes into the true off road world of riding. It covers things such as hills, ruts, river crossings, jumping, drifting - really treating your bikes as a 'dirt bike'. It is recommended that you have completed the other courses previously, or another course with Chris, however please get in touch with us to discuss your riding history and goals so we can confirm you for this course. 

Chris is currently fully booked until October 2019, but please get in touch with us to be added to the waitlist or to arrange a private group session. We will be opening up some group sessions later in the year for NZ and Australia.

Dirt bike skills clinics

These clincs are dirt bike skills clinics (or 'enduro/trail' clinics) suited to riders of dirt bikes / moto x / cross country / trail / enduro bikes - whatever you want to call them, this is the course. Over the last few years we have developed a great one day course to suit all level of riders, and now we offer a Level 1 and a Level 2 course.

Level 1
We split the groups into 'Beginner/Intermediate' and 'Intermediate/Advanced'. Don't worry - you won't miss out on any core components of the course but we do need to group similar skill level riders together to get the best flow for the day and to keep things safe.

Beginner / Intermediate

  • Aimed at riders with at least 6 months on a dirt bike.

  • You need to be comfortable riding in a group situation.

  • You can fluently change gears / complete basic uphill and downhill without assistance / ready to start tackling small obstacles (eg logs up to 20 cm high).

  • We assume that you can ride a bike off road and are wanting to improve your skill set. This course is not suitable for very inexperienced or first-time riders.

Intermediate / Advanced

  • Aimed at riders with 2 years or more experience.

  • Must be comfortable riding in a group with some speed involved.

  • Riders are skilled and confident, possibly have had training before, and are looking to build speed.

  • Will run through basics quickly and move on to more advanced skills.

  • Riders must have appropriate fitness and health levels, and an appropriate bike.

  • Should be able to confidently do a small, controlled wheelie

Available dates: Please contact us to go on the waitlist

Level 2
This is a follow up course that you can do once you've done the Level 1 course and had time to practice some of the techniques. This course looks at more technical / harder skills you can learn. These courses are classed as 'Advanced'. You must have completed the Level 1 course in order to do this course. These courses are limited throughout the year but can be requested as a private session.

New Zealand Clinic Calendar

Adventure Clinics: All run as a one day clinic. Day runs from 9:30am - 3pm. Cost $205pp

No clinics currently scheduled

Dirt Bike Skills Clinics: All run as a one day clinic. Day runs from 9am - 4pm. Cost $205pp

No clinics currently scheduled

Australia Clinic Calendar

These clinics are run as a one day clinic, near Berrima, NSW. Cost $275pp.

Adventure Clinics:
Friday 13 December 2019: book here

Dirt Bike Clinic: 

Saturday 14 December, Beginner / Intermediate
Sunday 15 December, Intermediate / Advanced
Book here

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